Political Discourse From The Left/Liberal/Democrats

11/10/2016 10:32

by Win Dyer


While bullying is one of the hot button issues in today’s society, this liberal tactic and many others just like it are nothing more than cyber bullying by liberals.  Hypocrisy is just another tool in the ends justify means of putting crooked Hillary into the White House.

The election choice was to support an outsider, a non-politician or the candidate of a political party so corrupt that it not only has official mechanism to override the voting choices of its members (using “super delegates”), but when that scheme doesn’t guarantee the desired candidate, it subverts the nomination process by providing debate questions to Clinton to ensure she prevails over Bernie Sanders. 

The very idea of a “super” delegate should be repugnant to a republic where everyone is declared “equal” in our founding documents.  But the concept is perfectly at home in a party where “some are more equal than others.”  That is certainly the FBI's view of Clinton, not once, but twice.  And the latest “investigation” was led by a former Clinton crony.  Nothing seems fishy about someone from the Clinton camp overseeing an investigation of Hillary, right?  Not with an Administration that uses the IRS to target it’s political opponents and the EPA to shut down an industry that conflicts with its ideological agenda.

While a Senator, Clinton once told a witness that his testimony required “a willing suspension of disbelief.”  Initially I thought she was just looking for a snappy sound bite for the evening news, but with the overwhelming absolution that the Democrats have given her for a laundry list of corrupt activities I now realize she was simply defining the most important criteria for her supporters.

Over the past weekend Bill Maher admitted that the media “cried wolf” over Bush, McCain, Romney, he even went so far to call them “honorable men.”  They did this because they “disagreed with them.”  So while he’s admitting that previously the media behaved in an untrustworthy manner, you can trust them now because “the shit just got real” – his words not mine.  This logic is perfectly in sync with Clinton’s - I’ve lied to you in the past, but I’m telling you the truth now that I’ve been caught mentality.  The problem with pathological liars (and lying over four election cycles for the media and twenty-four years for crooked Hillary constitutes a pathology imo) is that you can never trust anything they say.  The only place that a liar admits they’re lying (before their caught red-handed anyway) is in a Jim Carey movie.

Clinton says she and Bill were nearly broke with they left the White House.  And in the intervening years they have become multi-millionaires, primarily thought giving speeches to Fortune 500 companies and in foreign countries.  Transcripts for such speeches that she refuses to release.  Yet when she has been speaking for free on the campaign trail, she has been hard pressed to get more than a few hundred people to show up.  It really makes me wonder what she is saying in private to get millions of dollars thrown her way.

I don’t know if Trump will be a good President, much less a great one.  What I do know is since he is already wealthy; he’s not looking for the White House as an income strategy.  As opposed to Hillary who wants to take her State Department pay-to-play scheme to the Presidential level.  Something else I know about Trump is that any non-career politician who can scare the Washington establishment, from RINOs Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney to the socialists (open and stealth ones) like Bernie Sanders, President BO, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton the way he has with the threat to drain the Washington swamp, can’t be all bad.



Win Dyer is a private equity investor, currency trader and a certified public accountant.