Report From Lawmaker: Shooter’s Motive Is Everything the Left Has Wanted

06/15/2017 11:15



A baseball practice of Republican senators and representatives in Alexandria, Virginia, ended in chaos when a gunman stormed the field, firing off dozens of rounds and injuring at least 5 people including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

All those who were shot by the attacker are expected to make full recoveries, according to initial reports. Shooter James T. Hodgkinson, however, died after a shootout with authorities.

It is becoming clear this was a planned attack deliberately targeting Republican lawmakers.


RSC Chair Rep. Mark Walker told a reporter after the attack that the gunman was there to “kill as many Republican members as possible,” Breitbart reported.

This is truly chilling.

The vitriolic rhetoric that has been touted from the left, particularly since Trump became president, has reached unprecedented heights. The mainstream has presented Trump and conservatives as dangerous threats to our nation. Liberal comedians have repeatedly turned the notion of political assassinations into just another prop to be used for some cheap laughs.

The Hill reported that Florida Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis also stated that before the shooting occurred, a man asked him if the congressmen on the field were Democrats or Republicans.

While several Democrats have been quick to come out and condemn this act of violence, this should serve as a moment of reflection for them, and for their base.

The hate from the left has risen to such a point that such an attack was almost inevitable. Based on their consistent hatred toward the right, it appears this gunman may have given some on the left exactly what they wanted.

Hopefully this shooting will serve as a wake up call that the political discourse in this country has reached a truly dangerous level.

If people are inspired to go out and kill members of Congress simply for what they stand for — or because of what people have said about them — then we as a nation have become truly lost.

No matter which political party you belong to, being targeted because of your beliefs is sickening and reprehensible.