RINOS Raise Kansas Taxes Once More by Order of Kansas Supreme Court

06/08/2017 10:43

by Allen Williams


Well, we see the globalists have once again triumphed over Kansas citizens in the sunflower state voting to raise taxes expressly for the benefit of a failed public education system as in 2015 NAEP results: Not a good repo rt card for Kansas  with below average K-12 math and reading scores.  But hey, let's keep the money flowing anyway on the chance the scores will get better.  If you buy that rot, I've got some bridges I'd like to sell. 

Taxes will increase some 1.2 billion dollars next year according to NPR News and expect more to follow because these people control the appointment of judges through a crony committee system.  This ensures that Alan Rupe and the Robb   law team of vultures free rein to continue to sue the state legislature for endless K-12 increases.  "SFFF is the umbrella organization that is currently sponsoring the Gannon vs. State of Kansas school finance lawsuit and defending the Petrella vs. Brownback school finance lawsuit. SFFF formerly sponsored the Montoy vs. State of Kansas school finance litigation. The Montoy case was tried by Alan Rupe and John Robb and resulted in the reform of Kansas school finance laws and the injection of over $756,000,000 per year into Kansas public education."  Yes, you read that amount correctly.  NPR continues:  "The law to increase taxes over the next two years comes as legislators seek to close a projected $900 million budget gap for that same period and bolster funding for K-12 schools under a Kansas Supreme Court order." Denying self government in the state has been a tradition well before the Montoy decision back in the 1990's.  Control over money is control over you.

Montoy reformed nothing, it just solidified the transer of decision making from voters to a group of unelected and unaccoutablre lawyers.  So does Kansas have an exceptional or even a good education system as a result of these endless lawsuits? Of course not because the issue isn't about Kansas schools or educating kids,  it's about determining how the money earned by this states citizen's is going to be spent thus denying the people the right of self determination.

Kansas has been funding public debt with a growing Bond fund which is ballooning because of the failure to control state spending while the legislature takes its directives from financial crises like KPERS and education lawsuits that mature in the courts.  Kansas has been steadilly climbing towards a point where there will not be sufficient tax revenues to fund the long term debt that is being accrued.  Can you say bubble?

Lawyers and political corruption rule the state of Kansas in partnership with the courts.  Let's recall that the state's top court has been involved in enumerable scandals from blocking a citizen's grand jury to holding secret court sessions as in The Secret Proceedings of the Kansas Supreme Court.  It has further upheld a rigged ethics conviction against former Johnson County Prosecutor Phill Kline for ENFORCING THE LAW on abortion.  Kline caused a lot of damage to the abortion grist mill that funds election campaigns of Kansas governors and legislators. All were determined to make sure Kline wouldn't get elected again.  This money cartel owned then Governor Paul Morrison  who ultimately had to resign because of a sex scandal in the JOCO diistrict attorney's office.  But hey Morrison wasn't doing anything more to Linda Carter that Kansas government didn't regularly do to the citizens of the state.

So, the Kansas 'Thugocracy' is alive and well.  Soaking the citizens and doing the bidding of the Kansas Supreme Court is a time honored tradition among those in the worthless state legislature. Until the state constitution is amended allowing the judicial selection process to be reformed, the people of Kansas will remain in bondage to the state's judicial system.