SNOPES - Truth Detractor and Guardian of Liberalism

04/08/2015 11:45

by Allen Williams

With Hillary Clinton getting ready for her 2016 Presidential run, the shills are pulling no punches in protecting her quest to be the first female president.  She is not to be upended by truth, by all means.  

SNOPES continues to 'debunk' those nasty but persistent rumors about people involved with the Clintons' showing up dead.  You remember SNOPES, run by Barbara and David Mikkelson who just happen to have been caught spinning the truth once or twice.  Their denial of being funded by George Soros needs to be viewed in the light that they are likely funded by others with similar interests in damage control.  And while the Mikkelsons do state criteria used in deciding which urban legends are false, let's not overlook the fact that while an Urban legend can be untrue, the allegations it raises do not necessarily follow.  What does that mean?

Well for example, if you have a list of dead bodies attributed to the actions of a particular President and one or more of these bodies can not be linked to that individual, then any urban legend making that assertion is false. But that doesn't negate the possibility of foul play by other participants, to perhaps protect their investment in that president.  One gets convicted for who he kills not the ones whom he didn't kill.  Oh, that's just conspiracy hokum, you say.

Is it?  There are some 101 anomalies associated with the death of Vince Foster during the Clinton presidency that are not addressed in SNOPE's response which can be found here.  

SNOPES states its conclusion on the Foster death: "If Foster had been murdered or if unanswered questions about his death remained, Starr would have been the last person to want to conclude the investigation prematurely.  Or are we to believe Starr is part of the cover up, too?"  I think it important here to state that one doesn't have to be part of a cover-up to be used by it.  We can't know how deep Ken Starr's investigation on Foster really went.  If you have both the Park Police and the FBI saying it was suicide, are you going to waste time chasing every conflicting piece of information found at the  scene of death or do you simply accept the official report? Starr would have thoroughly discredited himself in challenging the police findings on Foster and a call to remove him would have rapidly ensued.  But is it so far out to think that Starr could have been part of a larger cover-up?

Aren't we seeing that very same thing today in the Obama administration scandals from Benghazi, to Fast & Furious, to the IRS targeting of conservatives?  No one in 'O's administration knew anything about it until they read it in the newspapers. So, then are we to believe that the DOJ is complicit in these cover-ups? Absolutely, and in fact, 'Fast & Furious' was likely Holder's brainchild.  He's already been caught lying to Congress.  And, aren't acts of destroying and/or 'losing' damaging information as both the IRS and Hillary Clinton have done a 'cover-up'?

Remember, Vince Foster was part of the same Rose Hill law firm as Hillary Clinton. They were associates.  Even, if he didn't directly possess damaging information about Hillary's Whitewater dealings, he had access to that information and represented a significant threat, enough reason to want him dead.  And, the fact that James McDougal, former White House intern Mary Mahoney and others deaths may not have been related to the Clintons doesn't mean there is no involvement on the part of others with a vested interest in protecting the Clinton presidency.  When power and money are at stake anything goes.

In the case of Ron Brown's death in a plane crash, SNOPES writes:"What 'new evidence'"? Ron Brown and 34 others were killed in a plane crash in Croatia on 3 April 1996. The plane slammed into a mountain while on landing approach. There were no survivors. A lot has been made of an x-ray of Brown's skull in which what looks like a round entry wound appears. Closer examination of Brown's skull by military officials revealed no bullet, no bone fragments, no metal fragments and, even more telling, no exit wound."

Once more, SNOPE's relies on the official government report as incontrovertible evidence that there is no foul play involved in Brown's death.  However, Jack Cashill, a journalist investigating for World Net Daily tells a different story: "A day later, every pathologist who views Brown’s body concludes his head wound, at the very least, looks like a bullet hole. In a decision that reached the White House, there is to be no autopsy..The head x-rays [of Brown] that show a possible “lead snowstorm” are destroyed. Officially, they’re lost."

The pathology observation is consistent with being shot with a small caliber weapon, typically a .22 which would make little noise and expending much of its energy initially penetrating the skull.  It would then bounce around inside doing extensive brain damage. Depending on the timing, the requested Dubrovnik stop could have allowed an assassin to exit the plane after already fixing Brown.

SNOPES continues: "Deaths by airplane crash account for a number of entries on the list. Again, this is not all that surprising. Every year many small planes crash in the United States, and some of those crashes result in fatalities. As mentioned above, the National Transportation Safety Board investigates every one of them, to determine both the cause of the accident as well as to gather data that will help prevent future tragedies…To describe any of the plane crash deaths on this list as "suspicious" is to suggest the NTSB was part of a coverup."

Is that so? The NTSB has already been involved in a cover-up of the downing of Flight 800:. "A police officer-turned-investigative reporter who was arrested and jailed because his investigation into the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800 exposed flaws in the government’s official probe.. The article’s text confirmed that Sanders was on the trail of potential criminal activity within the Flight 800 investigation…Explaining how the Clinton Justice Department went into gear and “used its considerable powers to thwart Sanders "  

SNOPES performs a valuable service in defusing public emotions that arise out of government misdoing, emotions that trump reason that might trigger real government reform.  

Don't fall for the SNOPES' line that because it's a government agency, their findings and testimonies are above reproach.  That's what you're expected to assume from what they write and what makes SNOPES' damage control effective.  Now, if the government expended the effort to destroy investigators who conflicted with their report on the downing of TWA flight 800, why is it a reach to believe they might actually have people killed to conceal a president's criminal activity? Beware of SNOPES spin, their primary function is damage control not truth.

Whoever controls the coinage and flow of money ultimately owns the politicians, the political process and all the agencies it funds. When power and money are at stake anything goes.

And, after all as long as Hillary gets elected, 'what difference does it make?