State Representative says charges will be filed against man exercising free speech rights

01/30/2017 10:57

by Allen Williams


Kansas government is full of neo-fascists and would-be criminals as in The 50 Greatest Kansas Scandals & Controversies  so why would anyone be surprised that Stephanie Clayton, a member of the Kansas legislature sought to punish a citizen for speaking his mind? cjonline reports “The state of Kansas was born from scandal, the byproduct of a bloody fight between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces. In the 153 years since its admission, the state and its elected officials have continued that tradition of controversy.”

Nonsense. The Capitol Journal’s statement has nothing to do with slavery; it’s ‘double-speak’ translated as "freedom is slavery" because the media’s definition of liberty means that ‘social justice’ trumps all constitutional rights.  And social justice demands that angry white slavers keep their mouths shut about firearm ownership and use rights. 

The media specializes in spiking reports that embarrasses Kansas politicians like former House Speaker, Melvin Neufeld, blocking any investigation of the judicial failures that led to the dismissal of Attn General Phill Kline’s original 30 charges against Wichita’s abortionist George Tiller as documented in Kansas Characterized by Legislative and Judicial Failure.

What we have in Kansas is a crony system of lawyers, judges, representatives and ‘educrats’ milking the citizenry out of millions of tax dollars in an endless cycle of corruption presided over by the Kansas Ethics Commission (and I use that term loosely).

The Kansas ethics commission is charged with protecting state representatives who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, punishing citizens such as  Kris Van Meteren, who filed a complaint against former Coffeyville representative Dwayne Umbarger for utilizing campaign funds to improve his property as reported by the Meadowlark in First Amendment Defense Thorny Issue for Kansas Ethics Commission. Then there was Rep Kay Wolfe calling the Johnson County sheriff on an individual some years ago trying to clear himself of a wrongful domestic violence conviction by contacting her, his lawful representative, which she didn’t want any part of.  And now Stephanie Clayton seeks to punish someone for blowing off steam in speaking their mind. 

State legislators like Clayton are busy creating an Orwellian culture where criticizing a politician is a ‘hate crime.’  Once more we have a member of the worthless state legislature targeting free speech as in Kansas Rep. Clayton says person who posted threats over campus gun bill will be charged. So what was the despicable threat that triggered the ire of this so called representative? Fox4KC news reports that the individual in question reputedly posted “this "b*#$* needs to hang from a tree for violating her oath".  Our elitist representatives don’t intend to listen to or read negative comments about their job performance, they’re above all that.  Such remarks are only permitted by Hollywood liberals like Madonna who maintain conservatives should be assassinated. 

Kansans must overlook the hypocrisy of the state legislature in violating their own laws because that’s permissible under the social justice ideal and the ‘true meaning’ of the first amendment.  And with the Kangaroo court system that exists in Kansas that the state legislature has cultivated and nurtured as in The Secret proceedings of the Kansas Supreme Court, citizens who defy the Machiavellian order here are in for serious trouble. What we have in Kansas today is a cadre of prima donnas deciding what is or isn’t free speech and what is or isn’t a physical threat.  

The public should note well that this wretched woman (or witch, take your pick) and her legislative hacks view anything that offends them or challenges their sophomoric ideas as ‘threatening’ and therefore must be prosecuted.  Rep Clayton goes on to claim “…Sometimes people might not always like what I say, but my people here at home appreciate it and I will continue to do my job,” Rep. Clayton said.

Well, I for one OP resident don’t appreciate charging someone for speaking their mind.  Free speech is telling someone exactly what they don’t want to hear, like it or not.  Anything less is an attack on the first amendment.  And precisely what might Clayton's job be in the state legislature?   The Journal further elaborates: “In the original post Rep. Clayton said she was proud to be backing overturning provisions of a bill she didn’t support when it passed in 2013. She is even more against having guns at hospitals or college campuses now that Kansas has become a constitutional carry state, meaning no training is required to carry a weapon. “

It appears that both Clayton and her fellow fascists desire that citizens not be able to protect their lives from the many ‘wackos’,  both Islamists as well as the drug induced, who always manage to have a gun when nobody else can.  Haven’t these legislative moon bats noticed that the myriad of school shootings just happen to occur in gun free zones?   Do you think that’s just a fortuitous coincidence?

Don’t miss the invective in the Capitol Journal’s quote that ‘constitutional carry’ is essentially for the mindless.  Clayton’s obviously proud to deny others their rights because they’re too stupid and small minded (as former President Barrack Obama has opined) to manage their own affairs so she intends to do it for them.

Clayton’s negative opinion of the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms at locations with which she disapproves, flies in the face of both the 2nd amendment and the majority view of Kansas citizens. 

Stephanie Clayton’s occupation listed on the Kansas Legislative website is as a ‘social media consultant’ and that qualifies her to decide who may or may not own a firearm?  Might she also moonlight for Facebook, censoring ‘fake news’?  If this doesn’t corroborate my assertion that ‘social justice’ views are being used to justify the elimination of guaranteed rights, I don’t know what could ever qualify.  These morons feel that because they were elected that they are somehow ‘smarter by far than the average citizen’ and are  now ‘expert’ in all matters of social and legal issues , thus empowering them to run rough shod over anyone  who disagrees.

It makes one wonder what happened to common sense and critical thinking in this country?  It appears to be D.O.A.

It would behoove the Overland Park constituency to place her wrinkled butt out in the street at the earliest election opportunity.  As long as you keep electing these morons, don’t wonder why your life is going to hell.