The Connection betweern BITCOIN and Transhumanism

05/15/2014 12:00

by Staff


Bitcoin was conceived in 2008 by its alleged inventor, Satoshi Nakamota and introduced in 2010. It's an electronic money medium designed to be peer to peer, that is the central banks and national governments are eliminated from transactions and specifcally for the United States approval from the federal reserve to transfer your own money is also not required.  It sounds pretty good but there is no protection against theft, fraud, etc. as the Wall St. Daly has warned concerning Bitcoin, "..In God Nobody We Trust"

However, aside from its potential as just another clever Ponzi scheme is the fact that there is no privacy or security in the use of electronic currency and access to your funds can be terminated suddenly and without warning as Mt Gox investors quickly learned.  The Wall Street Journal reports: "Mt. Gox has said that a flaw in the bitcoin software allowed transaction records to be altered, potentially making possible fraudulent withdrawals...A report widely circulated online since Monday in the U.S. said Mt. Gox had lost almost 750,000 bitcoin to long-running theft."


But it gets worse, Bitcoin isn't backed by anything of value as Reuters reports: "Bitcoin is essentially software code that defines units of value, which users can move back and forth among themselves. Unlike other virtual money transmitters, its value isn't pegged to a hard currency like the dollar or the euro; it is determinedby the demand for bitcoins."  This means the electronic currency is subject to savage fluctuations and can see huge increases and decreases in real time.  Every bitcoin in your wallet is essential a common stock but without any safeguards.


The libertarian desire for untracability in financial transactions seems to be the driving force behind Bitcoin and its advocates. Bitcoin was a natural for the transhumanists as h+ magazine notes:"..the dreams of the early Extropians to develop an economy around cryp." However, its far more than  merely a libertarian dream, it's a necessity for any one world government to force an electronic currency where all transactions are known and monitored. In the age of the NSA, this is a real and present danger.


Bitcoin symbolizes a strictly technologically driven world, a highly necessary means, to order and structure a global government where no may buy or sell without the proper access code. In such a world man's humanism is a liability not an asset.  In Singularity Rising,James D. Miller notes: "Both Hanson and  Miller explore the idea of an economic system based on software intelligences and consider how these might be used to solve real problems... Some of this work is now of practical importance given the rise of cloud computing and digital currencies such as BitCoin and other novel electronic methods of exchanging value." In such a world all wealth is known and consolidated into a single cloud source pool.


Transhumanism is the inevitable future of a technologivcally driven society where science rules unrestrained by anything other than its own imagination and desires.  It is a world where the elite will enslave and govern the masses of humanity.  In the singular world being created, the elite are full " of optimism about a utopian future where biological entities and silicon live in perfect harmony."


In reality their utopia will be an incredible hell on earth directed and controlled by a small committee of global elites.



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