The Entitlement Mentality

08/26/2016 10:14

by Wayne Flaherty


For too many years now, the American people have been led into an entitlement mentality by a federal government that uses handouts of taxpayer's money to persuade people that they have their best interest at heart. Laws are never passed to be harmful to you. They are passed for your own good – or at least that’s the excuse they use. Americans have finally begun to realize the truth, the government doesn’t give two hoots in hell about your best interests. It’s their own interests they worry about.


What new law in the last 8 years has done you any good? Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago when the Democrats took control of both houses of congress? I’m not better off and I haven’t met anyone who is. Year after year new laws intrude into our lives as the politicians and their hired bureaucrats think up new ways to solidify their power and protect their privileged positions. Existing laws are twisted and perverted for their benefit. Look at the IRS code. It has been simplified time after time – and every time it is simplified, it becomes longer and more complicated. That means more federal employees.


Worst of all is the change in attitude by the executive branch. When they can’t get a law passed, they issue an executive order to accomplish the same thing without having to bother the legislators with whom the constitution has entrusted with the creation of laws. If they want to make a controversial appointment they just wait until congress is in recess and make it without any involvement by the legislative branch. That eliminates any bothersome hearings that might weed out people unfit for the position. The bottom line is the methods do nothing to protect or benefit you. They require you to learn and obey these new directives – and all at your own expense. You have less freedom than before.


So how does entitlement fit into the picture?  Entitlement is the ring in the nose by which recipients of public welfare are led around. The votes of these non-contributors to society will always be for those who promise to keep the handouts coming. A case in point is best illustrated by a true story. A few years ago my brother stopped in a local restaurant for lunch. In the booth behind him was a young black couple. She wanted to get married and he didn't want to. The debate went back and forth for a full twenty minutes with the young man holding his own. She finally won the argument when she explained it to her boyfriend this way. "Your parents get welfare. My parents get welfare. If we get married, we can get our own welfare." This is true Entitlement Mentality. No thought of independence. No thought of self-reliance.  No question about where the money comes from. No pride whatsoever about the sense of accomplishment that comes with earning money. It's public money so I am entitled to my share of it.


Hillary Clinton is relying on this entitlement mentality to propel her into the White House. Were she to succeed and actually become president, she would add millions of illegals to the entitlement ranks. That would increase the number of her supporters to such a huge number that no political party could ever again challenge the Democrats for the presidency. The Republican Party would have to be satisfied with political crumbs for the foreseeable future.