The Fatal Snowflake..

12/22/2014 10:40

by  Addison Wiggin

Imagine the start of an avalanche… you may recall we implored you to do as much a couple of weeks ago. Let's try again.  Close your eyes. There's a mountainside covered with snow. Over the years, it continues to snow even more. And more. And more. The snow accumulates. Eventually, the situation gets very unstable.

One day, a snowflake comes along and lands the wrong way. The added pressure of this single additional snowflake begins to disturb the snow around it. That disturbance soon gathers momentum, and the whole mountainside comes crashing down.  Years of built-up snow collapses. And it collapses very quickly.  All because of just one snowflake.

Sure, millions of snowflakes have landed on this mountain over the years. But one single snowflake set the whole collapse in motion.  And that's exactly where the financial markets are right now. For years, we've added to the instability of our global financial system…

We’re going to examine one of the leading candidates for becoming the “fatal snowflake.”
Debt piled on top of debt. Bailout after bailout. Small banks in crisis consolidated into big banks in crisis. Derivatives on top of derivatives.

One wrong move -- any one financial snowflake -- could cause the whole system to come crashing down… that's the "avalanche theory" in its most simple form. Below, we're going to examine one of the leading candidates for becoming the "fatal snowflake."

But before we get to the meaty part of today's episode, I want to try to do something… uh, different.

"All the politicians are thieves… read the book Throw Them All Out... when you live in a country that does not take any of the 70-plus lies that their president has foisted on the public… read the book You Lie!... then you know that the country is doomed to repeat the history… of Rome.
“Sadly, we have an aristocracy today in USA that is similar to the lords of England.”
"Rome was a great country that gave us engineering… law code and many other things. Rome ruled wisely over their subjects, whether they came into the empire by hook or by crook (willingly or not)... as all had some basic rights.

"The USA was designed to restore the rights of man to the masses after being subject to the brutal subjugation of the ruling class and the clergy that ruled over Europe for centuries. In America, there was a chance of people rising above their station in life and achieving greatness… and many did.

"Sadly, we have an aristocracy today in USA that is similar to the lords of England. The middle class is now the peon class, with people struggling to live on $8 per hour… that's $18,000 per year… you can't live on it unless you are in a shack in Mississippi and living off the grid...

"The rich and the electoral families are now the aristocracy that the creators of the U.S. Constitution tried to keep out of their country… the country is now run by the Bilderbergers, the Masons… the Star families… whomever… it's no longer the masses.

"The country will collapse, as the Ponzi scheme of government cannot endure in its present state and the masses are drugged to follow the media… and the lies they hear. All the good man needs to do for evil men to triumph is nothing. And that is what is happening.

"The USA is gone. And like Rome, it will fall, and the barbarians will over run it and sap it and pillage it like the Tartars did to Rome. The pillagers may be the Chinese or the Russians… or Homeland Security… but the end is clear and in sight. So it does not make any matter what dog $h[ahem]ts on your lawn… be it Republican or Demoncrat… it's still dog $h[ahem]t.  "With no regard for you," 
“In the entire history of the United States, the greatest enemy of the United States is the current president of the United States.”

"Unfortunately, freeing yourself from quicksand," offers another, less critical, patient, "usually, if not almost always, requires assistance from at least one other. Life is often a team sport. The solitary individual can often starve or drown or just go mad without that one other person. The political importance of the elections this week is not based on the few small hours that have already passed.

"The importance will be in the days and weeks and months and years ahead, and in what some, who not only believe in the Constitution but will give of their own to keep it alive, will do as a result of all those 'fools' who stood above cynicism and took action to proclaim that there are things worth fighting for.

"In the entire history of the United States, the greatest enemy of the United States is the current president of the United States. From his first day in office, he has had nothing in his heart for this country but malice. Perhaps in some small way, we can begin to bring him to justice."

Now, on to the meaty part… the snowflake that could send the avalanche cascading: A collapse in China's Ponzi scheme. We'll begin at the end and reverse-engineer the situation.

"Not long after a crackup begins," investors typically line up to redeem their certificates.  Bank sponsors will pay the first ones in line, but as the line grows longer, in classic fashion, the banks will suspend redemptions and leave the majority with worthless paper. Investors will then claim that the banks guaranteed the principal, which the banks will deny.

"Runs will begin on the banks themselves, and regulators will be forced to close certain banks. Social unrest will emerge, and the Communist Party's worst nightmare, a replay of the spontaneous Taiping Rebellion or Tiananmen Square demonstrations, will then loom.

"The exact trigger for the debacle," concludes Jim, "is unimportant, because it is certain to happen, and once it commences, the catastrophe will be unstoppable without government controls or bailouts." Here's Jim Richard's view of what happens after the debacle: "America 2024"


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