The government is waging cyberwarfare against its own citizens

03/08/2017 09:55

by John W. Whitehead


The U.S. government is waging cyberwarfare against its own citizens.
According to the Wikileaks Vault 7 data dump, government agencies such as the CIA and the NSA have been spying on the citizenry through our smart TVs, listening in on our phone calls, hacking into our computerized devices (including our cars), and compromising our security systems through the use of Trojan horses, spyware and malware.
These latest revelations confirm what The Rutherford Institute has been warning about for years: the government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms.

Mind you, this isn’t targeted surveillance carried out with a court-ordered warrant against suspected criminals.
These government programs are predicated on warrantless mass surveillance of law-abiding citizens such as you and me. The government is spying on everyone.
These government programs are illegal, unconstitutional, unwarranted and illegitimate.
The only way things will change is if we force the government to start playing by the rules of the Constitution.

That means putting an end to this shadow government—with its secret agencies, secret military operations, secret surveillance, secret budgets, secret court rulings, and secret interpretations of the law—all of which exist beyond our reach, operate outside our knowledge, and do not answer to “we the people.”


The Rutherford Institute is working hard to push back against government overreach, challenge government wrongdoing and shine a light into the shadow government’s darkest corners, but we can’t do it alone.
Won’t you help us protect Americans from the government’s ongoing cyberattacks?



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