The Most Hated Generation

03/07/2018 10:16

by Wayne Flaherty


 In his book, The Greatest Generation, Tom Brokaw discusses the “commitment to a common cause” as an essential element of this great generation. After the book was issued he recalls his amazement at the overwhelming acceptance it received. It had obviously struck a chord in the hearts and minds of Americans.

In the Revolutionary war, the enemy and his intentions were easily identifiable. In the 1770s Americans were directly and immediately impacted by the actions of the enemy. They knew who he was and they knew what he did. They felt the pain and suffered the consequences of his actions.

 In World War II, Americans again felt the pain of the enemy’s actions as family members went off to war – many to never return. Americans suffered the consequences of material shortages and the heartbreak of separation from family.


When our children and grandchildren think of the current generation, they will not remember it fondly. Having no recognizable enemy, they will turn on us. They will recall government employees unions who demanded (and got) benefits far exceeding the ability of the taxpayers to provide. They will remember politicians promising more than the taxpayers could deliver just to get reelected. They will remember a government lying about the unemployment rates, claiming they were a third of the actual numbers. They will remember when their unemployment benefits ran out and they were removed from the rolls of the unemployed - essentially ceasing to exist in the eyes of the government. They will remember government bailout programs that lined the pockets of the Wall Street Bankers while not one red cent ever reached the working people. They will remember the people we elected providing overly-generous benefits for themselves while implementing more and more control over the people’s lives. They will remember obscene deficits so large that there was no way the government could ever repay them and that same government leaving those debts for them to pay. They will remember that we elected President Barack Obama who rejected a Christian and Jewish population in favor of a Muslim religion who has openly avowed to destroy all infidels.  (An infidel is anyone who is not a Muslim – you know – the people who fought and died to create and preserve this country.) They will remember us for allowing thousands of their personal freedoms to be taken from them either by legislation or by executive order. When they finally realize what we have allowed our elected leaders and an army of their appointed stooges to do to them, they will remember.


They will call us The Most Hated Generation, a title we will have earned by our stupidity, greed, laziness, and unwillingness to keep a tight rein on our elected officials. Unfortunately, by the time they have learned enough to realize what we have allowed our government to do to them; America will have become a third world country and many of them will be living in poverty such as they have never seen. They will remember us and they will hate us.

 Pray for America – the end is nearer than you think.