The New Third Party

06/07/2016 09:27

by Wayne Flaherty


Let's suppose the worst catastrophe imaginable befalls America. Let's suppose Hillary becomes president. What do you think will happen? I think I know.

Hillary will continue the strategy that put her in the Whitehouse. She will continue to add people to the underclass Americans who are totally dependent on the federal government for their existence. These are voters that can be relied on to blindly support the Democrats with no regard for what happens to America. This block of voters is currently a formidable force. It provides enough votes for the Democrats that they are able to concentrate their campaigning efforts almost entirely on other voters. Despite this advantage, it is still possible to defeat a Democrat candidate. If Hillary becomes president, she will add 10 million voters to the existing underclass numbers by three simple executive orders.

  1. Grant sanctuary to all illegal aliens currently hiding in America.
  2. Set up a means for these illegals to attain citizenship
  3. Register these illegal Americans to vote - Democrat, of course.

The net effect of this action will be to provide the Democrat Party such a numerical advantage in national elections that they can never again be defeated. Once in place, there will be no way to reverse the situation because this underclass will be so large and so beholden to the Democrat party that legislation to alter America back to a more balanced situation will be impossible to pass.

When a nation becomes a one party nation, it has taken the first step toward a dictatorship. A blueprint already exists. The rise of Adolph Hitler depended on a one party system and he made sure there was only one party.


He murdered opposition from outside the party. Next, he murdered opposition within his own party that might pose a threat to his leadership.


After he had effectively silenced all his critics, the rest was easy for Hitler. Just welcome on board anyone wanting power. Then welcome on board anyone wanting money. That covers just about everybody wanting anything. The result was wealthy businessmen who wanted money built a war machine for him. Vicious killers, drunk with power, populated his army. His last act was to create a straw man to blame everything on - the Jews.


The transformation of Germany was complete, as complete as the transformation of America will be if Hillary becomes president. Hillary's new Third Party will become the Government Party and it will have no more opposition than did the Nazi Party in Germany.


Examine carefully the three steps necessary for the Democrats to remain in power indefinitely and you will see how easy they will be for President Hillary to put in place without permission from anybody.


There remains only one missing piece to my German analogy - the straw man. That my friend will be you and me. Muslims are currently coming into this country and bringing with them their religion of hate - and we are their enemies.  After eight years of a Muslim president you must be aware of the danger Muslims present.

Now you can't say no one ever warned you!