The Orlando killer had an accomplice...His name is Barack Obama

06/15/2016 07:32

by Wayne Flaherty


Dear FBI


The Orlando killer had an accomplice. His name is Barack Obama.


One of the first things Obama did after he took office was to return to the English people the bust of Winston Churchill given to us in an act of friendship. That act alone should have alerted all Americans to the real sympathies of our new president.


If he doesn't care for our oldest and most trusted ally, then who does he prefer?


Examine his record. For over seven years he has made every attempt to bring into the United States every Muslim possible. This is done without any regard for their political leanings, their criminal history, prison records, or alliance with terrorist groups. His attitude - if you're Muslim, you're in.


The next effort by Obama was to label anyone who reported any suspicious activities an Islamaphobe. This effectively closed down a significant channel for information about potential terrorists. Once you were labeled an Islamapuobe you could lose your job or perhaps wind up in prison.


Consider his recent attempts to close Gitmo Prison. His plan was to transfer all the hardened Islamic terrorists from Gitmo to American prisons across the nation. That act would have had two effects.

  • It would place Islamic terrorists on American soil where an escape would allow them to disappear into the general population.
  • It would have provided the Islamic terrorists with a fertile recruiting ground among people who already have reason to hate the establishment for putting them behind bars.

Obama has steadfastly refused to declare war on ISIS or radical Islamic terrorists. The reason is obvious, you don't declare war on your brothers. By labeling every terrorist assault a hate crime, he leaves all investigation and surveillance activities to local, state, and federal groups with little or no coordination among them. To declare war on ISIS would change the method of operation completely. It would make cooperation and dissemination of information seamless. It would allow for never ending surveillance of terrorists suspects. In short, it would enable law enforcement agencies to shift to protective mode instead of the current reactive mode. The result would be a safer America.


Barack Obama aided and abetted the Orlando killer by maintaining a situation that allowed Omar Mateen to operate undisturbed as he plotted his evil scheme. In my mind that constitutes aiding and abetting a criminal in the execution of a crime.

I suggest you arrest Barack Obama and see that he goes on trial.