The people speak out and the elite don’t like it

12/21/2016 10:36

by Wayne Flaherty


Like all tyrants, the power brokers, influence peddlers, and back room politicians of America have done everything in their power to prevent citizens from becoming involved in government affairs. Aided and abetted by a local media that is little more than the propaganda arm of local governments, global elitists have ruled US politics for many years. They are not afraid of people or money. They are afraid of knowledge. Their iron grip on the information being fed to the public is in jeopardy from a source they can’t control.


In the web sites and blogs of the internets, the people have at last found a way to inject their opinions into government affairs – whether the powerful elitists like it or not. They don’t need enough personal money to win public office. They don’t need massive donations from organizations expecting to collect their rewards from fat contracts and eminent domain. They don’t need 25 year tax exemptions. They don’t need influential friends in high places. They don’t need a key to the back door of city hall.


The people now have what they need, a way to participate in civic affairs – and it scares the hell out of elected people. With web sites only a few dollars a year and free blogs everywhere on the internet, money won’t create the sure thing insiders used to count on in elections. Any citizen wishing to join the fight is welcome to do so by the internet enabled fighters for a voice in government.


That some citizens choose to support the establishment position is understandable. Children are taught to do what their parents say. Some grow out of it and become independent thinkers. Others continue to bow down to authority for their entire lives. Even when revolutionary patriot Patrick Henry stood before his peers and declared, “Give me liberty of give me death” cries of “treason” rang out through the hall.


The current social battle reminds me of the two armies that met in the revolutionary war that gave birth to this country. On the one side was money, power, and the rigid dedication to put these rebels in their place. On the other side was a rag tag band of people dedicated to the idea that they had a right to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. In 1776 the people won. In 2016 the people won.


The wealthy, influential and politically powerful will just have to face the awful truth - the Genie is out of the bottle – and they can’t put him back. The people will continue to speak out, whenever, wherever, and however they want – and Globalism be damned. Now they don’t have to beg a biased print media for a line or two in a half page article on an issue. Now they don’t have to plead with radio and TV stations already committed to the establishment position for a 10 second sound byte. Now the voice of the people is everywhere – and it will not be silenced again. Every day, a new freedom fighter joins the battle. His weapon is a web site or a blog and he brings with him the only ammunition he needs – the truth.


The most interesting aspect of this entire election furor is the inability of the elitist power structure to adapt to the new reality. Their enemy (that’s how they regard citizens) is elusive. Like the fictional Scarlet Pimpernel of the French revolution, “He’s every where.” He is everywhere because he is the people. A number of years ago, the city’s light rail plan was defeated in 24 out of 26 wards by citizens with only a few dollars to spend. Bi-State II saw a $3 million campaign defeated in all counties but one by citizens with less than $30,000.


The voice of the people is being heard.



Republished from the old Patriot Eponymn site