The Secret to Opting out of Obamacare

02/22/2016 11:30

  by Jud Anglin

Tax season is fast approaching — something we’re all thrilled about,  but it’s made even worse this year as the IRS is tightening and enforcing new Obamacare tax rules.For starters, the IRS individual mandate for not having an Obamacare “approved” health plan increased this year from $325 to $695, or a family maximum of $2,085. But then there is also the dramatic increase in the cost of insurance premiums, a complex maze of new tax filing forms, and changes in the law that are next to impossible to keep up with.

As bad as all this is, though, I have an amazingly simple health care solution that I want to share with you. Not only will it solve all these tax problems — it will also save you a great deal of money in health care costs.

The Cost of Obamacare Continues to Rise

On the surface, increasing the penalty from $325 to $695 for not having health care might not be so bad if most Americans could find an affordable plan with low premiums. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans who shop for insurance are finding plans with ever-higher premiums and deductibles, regard
less of whether the plan is through a broker or one of the Obamacare exchanges. In fact, “All states, with the exception of Mississippi, saw the cost of health insurance premiums increase for 2016,” according to a recent article in the Daily Signal.

That is why, when faced with the choice of paying for expensive health insurance or paying the IRS penalty, many are choosing the penalty instead. This will provide savings in the short term, but what happens if you’re injured in a car crash or suffer a heart attack? Without an appropriate health plan, you could be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, not having health insurance isn’t a viable option.

Fortunately, there is a short, little-known clause deep within the Affordable Care Act that has created a loophole of sorts. This “loophole” allows you to “opt out” of paying the individual mandate penalty, but it doesn’t leave you stranded without health care. Because, in fact, taking advantage of this “loophole” will give you and your family access to the highest-quality health care available — while also saving you hundreds of dollars per month in the process.

The Obamacare Loophole


So what is this “loophole"? like-minded individuals who come together and share their medical expenses.


Now, in order to qualify for membership with Liberty HealthShare, you must adhere to their member guidelines, such as not abusing alcohol and/or prescription drugs. But, providing you conform with them, in addition to believing that your rights come from God and not man, then you are eligible to join the Liberty HealthShare community.


If you sign up with Liberty, not only will you immediately save yourself hundreds of dollars every month, but you’ll also safely remove yourself from the heavy-handed, highly regulated, and corporatized health insurance marketplace. With individual sharing plans starting from as low as $107 per month and family plans as low as $395 per month, Liberty HealthShare really is the most affordable alternative to expensive health care in America.

Liberty HealthShare Member Benefits
 Not restricted to a narrow network of hospitals and doctors.  

•  You can see any doctor you want
•  No referrals to see specialists are required

•  X-rays, lab work, home healthcare, maternity care, physical therapy, and even chiropractic and acupuncture service are considered eligible expenses

•  Membership comes with a strong discount savings plan for prescription drugs, dental work, and vision care

 •  Membership is 100% exempt from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Section 1501(B), Page 148), meaning there are no IRS fines or penalties

Their reimbursement terms to health care providers are even higher than Medicare’s, so healthcare providers gladly welcome it dedespite it not being insurance
       The program guidelines are short, simple, straightforward,transparent, and easy to understand

As you can see, it’s real freedom in health care. To learn more about Liberty Health Share program options or to begin the enrollment process today, simply follow the links below.

To review Liberty HealthShare program choices, click here. To review their decision guide, click here. And finally, for their online enrollment form, click here
“Taking advantage of this ‘loophole’ will save you and your family hundreds of dollars per month.”




Judson Anglin is the founder of and a board member of the Laissez Faire Club.  © Laissez Faire Books LLC

Note: Help Your Employees With Their Health Care Costs... Risk a $500,000 Fine

Here’s something shocking you may not know...Under Obamacare, employers with fewer than 50 employees are now in danger of being hit with a fine of $100 per day, per employee, for helping their workers with their health care costs. For instance, let’s say you’re a small-business owner with 10 employees and you offer to shoulder some of the costs of their health insurance premiums they purchased on the Obamacare exchange.

Well, since the rule came into effect on July 1, 2015, that gesture of goodwill could cost you $36,500 per employee each year (up to $500,000 in total) if the IRS finds out about it.Kevin Kuhlman, policy director for the National Federation of Independent Business, has said that this is “the biggest penalty that no one is talking about"