The Spirit of Self Reliance..

01/16/2013 09:10

The 2012 election is over and everybody is asking the same question, “What happened? What happened is best explained by a TV image broadcast during the tragic storm “Sandy” that hit the East Coast just a few days ago. A woman was seen crying uncontrollably while gasping out her problems to anyone who would listen. “What will I do, she cried? I have no food or water. My electricity is off and I have no heat. Who is going to help me?”

The human instinct is to try to help her but that is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the harsh reality that, with many days of warning that Sandy was approaching, this woman apparently did absolutely nothing to prepare, nothing to help herself. She didn’t even fill an empty milk bottle with a little drinking water. Neither did she buy a couple of cans of food in case she couldn’t get to the grocery store. Her lack of individual initiative to protect her person and her family points to the reason Obama was able to win reelection to an office he has continually abused and is so obviously unfit to hold. It is a nation filled with an overabundance of citizens who have long since given up self reliance in favor of government dependence.

Obama was able to count on huge numbers of voters who think exactly like the TV woman who depends completely on someone else for her existence. They would never vote for a candidate who would give them a job. They would vote for a candidate they thought would allow them to maintain their current lifestyle of collecting a government check without the bother of going to work every day. The Democrat Party has nurtured this attitude of dependence for decades. Their “War on Poverty” has not removed a single person from poverty. Conversely, the longer that war goes on, the more people fall into poverty. Instead, it has brought us to the point where those who are willing to sell their souls for a government welfare check can help elect a president.

Where is the spirit of independence and self reliance upon which America was built? Is it gone forever or does it still smolder down inside our people somewhere? If it is not there, then truly all is lost and America will soon be relegated to the trash heap of profligate nations. If it is there, and I believe it is, something must happen to fan the flames of freedom back into a roaring inferno. Then, and only then, can our country be restored to the principles upon which it was founded.

I only hope I am here to see that glorious day.  

* * *