The State of the Republican Party

01/18/2017 09:03

by Wayne Flaherty


Currently, the Republican Party is fractured. While Trump may well be the catalyst who exposed the fracture, he is not the cause of the party's problems. A catalyst is a person that precipitates an event or change. What has really happened is that a light has been shone on the party's flawed structure. The presence of Donald Trump has exposed a failure of the power structure of the Republican Party to relate in a meaningful way to the American people. In that sense, they are exactly like the Democrat Party. The elite of both parties continue to rule our country without really listening to the people.


The Republicans have lost the last two elections because they chose an elite Republican moderate to challenge an elite Democrat liberal. Since there was little to choose between the two presidential candidates, the people chose to stay with the party in power.


During the last eight years the Republicans in congress have been ineffective in opposing the failed policies of the Democrats. Obama and Clinton have done pretty much anything they wanted and gotten away with it. Witness the failure to indict the criminal Hillary Clinton. Witness how the treasonous policies of Barack Obama have benefitted our enemies. The unspoken reason that these power structures exist is because no term limits exist for congress. Members of congress always feel free to pursue their two main goals - get elected and stay elected. The needs of the people are far down the list of congressional priorities.


Along comes Trump with a message that resonates with Republican primary voters.  At last, a frustrated Republican base saw someone who represented real change. Just three of Trump's primary opponents  spent a total of $147 million trying to defeat him. Despite that, Trump drew the most primary votes in the history of the Republican Party. Instead of recognizing the message being sent by disgruntled voters, the Republican elite chose to blame Trump. They failed to see  that Trump had actually given them the key to a Republican victory in 2016. In true political fashion, they saw him as an outsider who had challenged their elite status.


 Under pressure from his advisors, and a realization that he and the elite Republicans need each other to win in 2016, Trump has endorsed some of the elites. Like it or not, Donald Trump is the future of the Republican Party.  It is entirely possible that the Republican elite will remain in lock step and continue to protect their elite status at all costs - but it is too late. The cat is out of the bag. The people now know they no longer have to accept the Republican elites. Regardless of what happens in 2016, the voters have empowered a new class of challengers. Outsiders will now follow Trump's lead and bring new challengers to the party elite. They will breathe new life into the Republican Party.


Across the aisle, a Democrat elite was waging a war of total annihilation against the Republican Party. If the four major news networks could have gotten Hillary Clinton elected president, it would spell the end of the Republican Party. She will consolidate the Democrat base with illegals, welfare recipients, and food stamp dependent voters. Inhabitants of the plantation will become even more dependent on their Democrat masters. As they belly up to the government money trough, they will represent so large a voting bloc that presidential elections will become merely Democrat coronations. Americans will find themselves in a perpetual struggle for existence, as a socialist government finds new ways to intrude on, and control, their lives. Unfortunately for those Democrat voters who tried to get Hillary elected, they will fare no better than those who opposed her.


Wailing and gnashing of teeth will be the order of the day for everyone - except the elite.


In reality, a Hillary Clinton presidency, with the help of a socialist Supreme Court, will alter the basic structure of the American government so much that the patriots who fought and died to bring it to life will not recognize it. The American dream to which their sacrifices gave life, will become a socialist nightmare. Hunger and want will be the order of the day since no socialist nation that ever existed could feed itself. Only those in the twilight of our lives will escape the tribulation a Clinton future