The Stench

07/13/2016 09:07

by Wayne Flaherty


That foul stench that you smell is evidence of the last stages of the rotting corpse of 7-1/2 years of decaying American socialism. The main source of the stench is the Barack Obama White House, with additional contributions from the Attorney General's office, the FBI office, and the Department of Homeland Security. The stench has now reached such a foul level and intensity that it covers the whole of our country. If one is careful and very observant, you can see the clouds beginning to gravitate toward Philadelphia, site of the Democrat National Convention. It appears to be preparing to funnel itself directly into the person of Hillary Clinton.


Think about it. For a year now, every Democrat political hack and apologist have been working overtime to insure that, not only is Hillary Clinton never convicted of any criminal wrongdoing, they have been making certain that she is never even charged with any wrongdoing. Worse than that, many in high positions within the Obama administration have been doing the same thing. The pall that hangs over Hillary's head is well deserved as average Americans are witness to Hillary Clinton's escapes.  Their suspicion that a double standard exists is confirmed. There are two sets of rules, one for Hillary Clinton and one for everyone else.


When I was a kid, I loved to go to the movies every Saturday to see the hero of the serial escape from the clutches of almost certain death. I never dreamed I would live to see it happen in real time in front of my very eyes. Maybe George Lucas could turn this real life drama into a modern day serial. Imagine this. Each week the heroine, Hillary, is caught in some criminal scandal. She is brought to trial. As the judge is about to sentence her, a gang of left wing media reporters  break into the courtroom, set off a smoke bomb, and spirit Hillary away to safety. Back at the DNC hideout, Hillary, and her band of lunatic socialists are already planning a new caper. Each week would bring a new crime and a new miraculous escape


Her antagonists could be a group of special agents bent on defending the constitution at all costs. They are hampered by their requirement to not only enforce the law, but obey it as well. The audience of loyal Americans would cheer each time the good guys catch Hillary. Their expectations of a fitting punishment would bring them back to the movie theater each week to see if Hillary is finally dealt the justice she so richly deserves. Sadly, that's not how it ends.


As the movie ends and the theater lights come up, the ushers pass among the patrons and hurl a bucket of ice water in the face each and every patron, shouting, "Wake up fools. This is the real world. Nobody will ever take Hillary Clinton alive."