The Unholy Alliance

04/10/2013 12:45

America is in the grip of an unholy alliance. The first party to the alliance is a ruthless Socialist Power Elite now in control in Washington. The second party to the alliance is the army of unworkers (voters happy to live off the labors of others). The third party to the alliance is the union membership demanding (and getting) a share of the spoils gained by the Socialist Power Elite

The Socialist Power Elite extracts every penny possible from everyone who has or creates any wealth beyond that required to sustain themselves and their families or companies. They maintain their positions of power by buying votes from the other parties to the alliance. They maintain their power by restricting the rights of working Americans. (They tax their money no matter where in the world it was earned or is stored). Plans are currently underway for a Cyprus-like action to take money from American IRAs.  

The unworkers sell their votes to maintain a lifestyle almost equal to an American worker – a lifestyle that includes food stamps, welfare, child support, medical care, cell phones, housing, and transportation. They are an effective voting bloc.

The union members barter their votes for special treatment including a share of the ill-gotten spoils – think General Motors. Not all union members are parties to this group but those that are make up a significant portion of the total. They are an effective voting bloc.

Now the Socialist Power Elite have found a way to add a fourth element to their unholy alliance – amnesty for illegal aliens. (As you read this, they are pushing their amnesty bill through congress.) A myriad of free benefits await the illegals once they gain full citizenship. With an estimated 10 million illegals currently residing within our borders, amnesty is the answer to a socialist’s prayer. If only a quarter of the illegals can be registered to vote, it is a near certainty that almost all will register as Democrats. Two and a half million more Democrat votes added to the alliance will destroy what little political effectiveness still exists within the Republican Party. The socialists will not destroy the Republican party, they will simply render it more impotent than it currently is. The illegals will form an effective voting bloc.

America is already in the grip of this unholy alliance. If you know anything about socialist history you will recall their definition of peace is “the absence of resistance”. They will soon be able to impose their brand of “peace” on all of us.