The Great Vaccine Hoax

12/19/2013 10:55
by Teri Hinkle

THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT SOONER OR LATER. The worst part is the American people are not the ones demanding it but are the ones being the most actively targeted. Why? We are the biggest threat, we are armed and once the people figure out how badly they've been used and how many children both born and unborn have been murdered or permanently handicapped, the guns will likely come out.

I already knew about the Spanish Flu hoax of 1917-18, it was the Bayer company that was responsible for those millions of deaths. A poisonous batch of aspirin marketed all over the world and an ordinary annual flu virus which precipitated the use of the aspirin and suddenly there is global genocide even if it wasn't intended. The PTB (Powers That Be) saw their chance tocash in on it and they did. Thus the massive  push to create so called vaccines and force them on the people. They "cull the herd" as they call it and make trillions of dollars off the vaccines at the same time.

Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft) boasted that they are proud to be instrumental in providing the deadly vaccines to the African nations where the population is out of control and needs to be diminished as well as to the "too stupid to exist Americans". Isn't that lovely? Do you think you and your kids are "too stupid to exist"? Well if you let them get away with it, maybe you are!

They are now routinely administering MASSIVE and dangerous vaccines to newborns and have arrested parents who object in some states.

(Hepatitis B) which should NEVER be given to an infant especially when there is no evidence of exposure or even the danger of exposure is being given at three times the safe level for an adult. Gee how many newborns have you seen over the last couple of years spending their first few months
in hospitals at death's door for some inexplicable conditions the doctors can't seem to put their finger on? How many small kids do you know who suffer from ridiculous allergies and reactions to normal substances? How many with respiratory problems? Until those in the medical profession stand up and speak out we are going to continue to die at their pleasure. If we don't bring an end to the CDC and find a way to shut down and destroy FEMA's Mount Weather this country will end in our lifetime. 

The Doctor who coined the labels "ADHAD", "ADD" and "Bi-Polar" admitted last year in a news interview that NO SUCH CONDITIONS EXIST! He made them up so the Pharmaceutical industry could market the drugs used to treat the fake conditions the symptoms of which are brought on my the poisonous toxins put in the food supply, the metals and bio-agents rained down on us in the Chem-Trails, fluoride, vaccines, and side effects from other drugs. The whole thing was a mass marketing scam for profit with a nice little side effect, keep the people dependent, sick and docile so they won't fight back and don't care to know what's going on. That alone is why there is now more than 60% of all school children being controlled by psychotropic drugs like Ritalin which is a MAJOR addictive substance and causes psychotic violent behavior when after becoming addicted the person tries to get off it. ALL THE PSYCHOTROPIC drugs do this. If you don't believe me look into every single so called lone shooter event over the past ten years or more... one lone guy, always having been treated by one of those drugs for a long period of time.



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