The Voice of the Christians

01/10/2017 10:34

by Wayne Flaherty


On August 12, Donald Trump spoke to a group of Christian leaders in Orlando, Florida. Trump announced his intention to repeal a law called the "Johnson Amendment." Southern Baptist Minister Pat Roberts said the law has been used by the IRS as a "club to silence a vocal group of our citizens." 


The Johnson Amendment was first proposed by then senator Lyndon Johnson. The IRS uses it to silence churches and ministers by threatening to take away their tax-exempt status if they engage in certain political activities or endorse political candidates.


The problem with the Johnson Amendment is that it has silenced a lot of good people who want to do the right thing. People who believe in God are silenced while the Godless continue to spew their hatred in the name of free speech. This is the most egregious use of a federal agency to limit the first amendment rights of a large group of American citizens.


Trump had a prepared speech but decided it was boring and went off script.  He told his listeners, “Without religious liberty, you don’t have liberty.” He declared that one of the first things he would do, is to totally knock out the Johnson Amendment.

“Your power has been totally taken away,” he told the pastors and others gathered at the event. Trump said that will change once he is president. He told them he would get their voice back. Trump said this lack of a platform has led to a decline in Christian influence.