Two weeks is all I ask

10/25/2016 12:47

by Wayne Flaherty


To the disgruntled Republicans who disagree with, or just plain hate, Donald Trump, I have a request. Will you put aside your anger for just 2 weeks? Will you do everything in your power to defeat Hillary Clinton? If you won't do thisand Hillary Clinton becomes president, it will be because you would rather see America fall into the hands of a lying, socialist criminal, than live with a bruised ego.

You must know what Hillary represents to all of us. She will appoint anywhere from one to five Supreme Court justices, each more liberal that the last. She will set our nation on a course that will require decades of struggle and hardship to correct - if we ever can. Can you swallow your pride for just 14 more days? If you can't support Donald Trump, can you at least attack Hillary Clinton and her socialist agenda?


If Hillary Clinton becomes president in 2016, she will continue, and even expand on, the failed policies of Barack Obama for another eight years. Who will you vent your frustration on for those eight years? Hillary welcomes your stand now as another leg up toward the presidency. Are you so naive as to believe that she will welcome you into her inner circle? You know good and well that she will shun you like the plague. You will be an outsider in both parties. You opinions will mean nothing to anyone. Any political careers you had will be a thing of the past. Like Judas, your choice will become very limited.


If you help defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, you will have opportunities in 2018 and 2022 to go after Donald Trump. You must know that, as an outsider, he will have many obstacles to overcome to achieve his presidential agenda. Opportunities will abound for your voice to be heard in the Republican Party and in the halls of congress. All you need do is join with other Republicans for the next 14 days to defeat Hillary Clinton.

America cannot survive four (or even 8) years of Hillary Clinton. She must never become president. You have a choice. For fourteen days you can suppress your instinct to defeat Donald Trump. Don't do it for Trump. Don't do it for anyone or any group. Do it for America. Her hour of need is now. She is calling you to help her.

How will you answer?