Trump's First Day in Office

01/23/2017 11:55

by Wayne Flaherty


On Trump's first day in office, he can make significant moves toward keeping his promises to the American people. Having already announced his team after his election, they can assist the new president in making moves to demonstrate his resolve to make America Great Again.

I suggest President Trump call these first steps "A Great Start". Here's where he can begin.



1.     Order the IRS to immediately stop fining Americans for failure to have health care.

2.     Order the IRS to cut the size of the IRS code by 20 per cent of its current 70,000 plus regulations. (Cut to be complete in early, 2017.)

3.     Ask congress to repeal Obamacare immediately.

4.     Announce a tax cut on small businesses to make it profitable to once again hire new workers.

5.     Announce a tax cut for middle class citizens.

6.     Ask the Secretary of Commerce to submit a list of business regulations to be removed immediately.

7.     Initiate construction of the Keystone Pipeline as soon as possible. (US Chamber of Commerce estimates 250,000 jobs would be created.)



1.     Order the head of Homeland Security to establish a method of coordinating with local police and the military to insure criminals and terrorists are identified, tracked, and brought to justice.

2.     Order the Secretary of Defense to begin to rebuild our military capability by letting contracts for essential goods and services.

3.     Order the Secretary of Defense to establish a vetting process for all people requesting admission into our country. (All vetting will be done by the US military.)

4.     Order the Attorney General to prohibit the use of any private email servers by any government employee and to vigorously prosecute all government personnel who mishandle classified documents. ( Call this the Hillary Clinton rule.)

5.     Order the FBI Director to never make recommendations concerning the prosecution of cases they investigate. (Leave the decision to the Attorney General.) (Call this the Jim Comey rule.)



1.     Announce the opening of bids for construction of a wall along our southern border. (As a security measure,  allow only American owned companies to bid on construction of the wall.) (Allow only American citizens to work on the wall.)

2.     Order the elimination of all sanctuary cities or locations.   

3.     Ask congress to pass legislation making it a federal crime (with stiff penalties) to threaten harm to any police officer, detective. or peace officer.


These fifteen steps will, indeed, be a Great Start toward making America Great Again. It will assure the American people that their new Republican president says what he means and means what he says. These Great Steps forward should convince Americans that making America Great Again is really going to happen.