Trunp Ends Illegal Immigration by Executive Fiat

09/06/2017 11:05


Former President Barack Obama criticized President Donald Trump’s decision Tuesday to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, saying that Trump’s move was “cruel.”

Just hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement about DACA being phased out over the next six months to allow Congress to agree on a legislative solution, Obama published a lengthy post on his Facebook page.

Obama said Trump’s decision to terminate the highly controversial program wasn’t about securing our borders, but rather about attacking innocent children brought to the U.S. by their families.


“This is about young people who grew up in America – kids who study in our schools, young adults who are starting careers, patriots who pledge allegiance to our flag,” Obama said. “These Dreamers are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper.”

Obama said he was forced to sign DACA into law through an executive order because Congress would not put a bill on his desk that allowed the children of illegal immigrants to stay in the country legally.  He called Trump’s actions “cruel,” adding that he did not believe they had any legitimate justification. {If the law is unjust then change it rather than making excuses to ignore it for some other purpose. Once you only enforce the laws you agree with you have anarchy.  - ED}

Immigration can be a controversial topic. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy, and people of goodwill…

Posted by Barack Obama on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

“To target these young people is wrong – because they have done nothing wrong,” Obama said.  “It is self-defeating – because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military, and otherwise contribute to the country we love,” he added.

Obama signed DACA, a program that provided blanket protection to roughly 800,000 children, into law in June 2012 via an executive order.

Because Obama bypassed Congress in order to implement his program, many had called on Trump to reverse the former president’s action, which they believe to be unconstitutional. But Obama thought implementing DACA was justified. [Yes, every tyrant always knows what's best for the people - ED}


“What if our kid’s science teacher, or our friendly neighbor turns out to be a Dreamer?” he asked. “Where are we supposed to send her? To a country she doesn’t know or remember, with a language she may not even speak?”  Many people supported Trump’s move.

Townhall editor Katie Pavlich said she thinks DACA was “unconstitutional,” adding that Trump was correct to allow Congress to find a legislative solution to the issue.