UN Takes Sides Against the Internet

10/02/2015 09:08

by Team Freedom


While we’re worrying about ICANN becoming the future United Nations of the Internet, it appears we also have to worry about the actual United Nations and the Internet.

Last week the U.N. took sides in the Internet culture war - and big surprise - they’re in favor of censorship.

In an attempt to curb cyber bullying, the United Nations has proposed aggressive, radical policy changes for both governments and social networks that will silence users everywhere.

Under current laws, intermediaries like Twitter and Facebook cannot be held responsible for the posts users make. Under the new United Nations proposal, these social networks would be required to proactively police every profile, comment, and post -- or go out of business. This would destroy the Internet as we know it. 

   To read more on the UN’s plan visit this link.   


The freedom to express opinions without the fear of persecution is a large reason social media has grown, especially in nations with harsh restrictions on speech. Putting pressure on social media companies to silence users will destroy the revolutionary force for freedom that these platforms have become.

We need to come out strong against regulations like this. If you stand with us, please sign our petition to protect Internet freedom.