What if Dump Trump Worked?

07/01/2016 09:55

by Wayne Flaherty


Let's assume that the Republicans who want to dump Trump are successful.


The first question is, "What are they going to say to the 17 million voters who have said they want Trump by virtue of their votes in the Republican primary?" Will this handful of disgruntled Republicans tell 17 million people that their vote doesn't matter because the elites in the party are the only people whose opinions matter? Will they tell 17 million voters they have a better candidate? If so where was this better candidate during the Republican primary? Name this faceless candidate. Is it Mitt Romney, a proven loser? Is it one of the turncoats who would rather see Hillary Clinton president? Where will they find a candidate whose presidency they could expect the 17 million voters to support?


The second question is, "What happens to the Republican party in the future?" If dump Trump works, then there would never again be any need to hold a Republican primary. Why would any potential presidential candidate spend one thin dime attempting to win a nomination that may be taken from them on the whim of a handful of disgruntled elite Republicans? The answer is no one would. Why waste the money? Forever after, all Republican presidential candidates would be appointed by the Republican elite rather than the voters. How do they think that will set with the voter base? Isn't that kind of arrogant elite action exactly what they said they no longer wanted when they voted for Donald Trump? I don't know about you but I wouldn't give the Republican party one penny of my money. If the elites want to run everything, let them pay for everything. Their attack on Trump is in reality an attack on the entire Republican party structure.


The third question is, "What does this say about the moral character of those leading the charge to dump Trump?" It says to me that they never were Republicans and never did adhere to the principles espoused by the party. They merely used the Republican party to further their own interests. They hold allegiance to no one but themselves. Their actions are plain and simple treason. Our history has many examples of selfless individuals who maintained their self respect under the most extreme pressure. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were men of material wealth. Most of them lost that wealth by their signing. A man with a strong moral upbringing and ethics to match does not lose his morals in the face of adversity. Adversity only strengthens his resolve. These people have no morals. They are not necessarily evil - just amoral.


The fourth question is, "Where do these elites leading the dump Trump campaign go after the convention is over? Why would any Republican welcome them back into the party knowing they would turn on the party at the slightest whim? Why would the Democrats welcome them into their party, and even if they did, what role would they be allowed to play? The Democrats will use them until they have milked their presence for all they can get out of them. Then, they will discard them. After all, what general would have a traitor on his staff. He wouldn't unless he could watch him closely enough that he was sure he would not betray his newly adopted cause. They would just as soon betray a Democrat as a Republican.

The fourth question is, "Could these turncoats possibly create a third party?" They could, but where would they find funding to further their cause? What rational human would give them money? I can't think of a single soul who would finance their campaign.


If you think about it, it becomes very clear that these turncoat elites have made a career ending decision. They will be outcasts in the political arena - and rightfully so. Treason does not occur in a vacuum. It has consequences.