Where away ? - 620,000 Refugees

11/02/2016 09:50

by Wayne Flaherty


On his website, Senator Jeff Sessions described Hillary Clinton's plan to increase Barack Obama's refugee influx by 550%. If elected president, she would bring in a total of about 620,000 refugees in her first four years as president . That is a population the size of Baltimore, Memphis, Milwaukee, or San Jose.


And just where would these 620,000 refugees live? They might move in across from the Whitehouse but all that real estate is already spoken for. They might move in next door to Hillary Clinton but those homes are so expensive that only politicians can afford them. They might move in with the movie stars in Beverly Hills, but the local inhabitants will tolerate only their own kind.


I have it! They will move into low-income housing. It's the perfect place for them - a Democrat plantation. Role models will abound as they learn to vote Democrat, no matter how bad things are. They can learn to listen to the Democrat promises, still unfulfilled after decades of being in power. In the meantime, they can compete with local blacks or Hispanics for low-income jobs as they are the only jobs for which they are qualified. They can overload already overburdened minority hospitals. They can send their children to the same failing schools the Democrats have provided for decades. After all, don't the taxpayers provide $10,000 per student, per year for this wonderful opportunity? They can compete with locals for government services such as welfare and food stamps. They can take the seats on the municipal transit systems - the locals will just have to stand.


It sounds like the perfect solution. Go where the rich and powerful don't have to look at them. Go where the Washington elites will have no contact with them. Take them in, but keep them out. Keep them out of sight and out of mind - until the election. That's when their votes are needed to put back in power the very Democrats who are responsible for the conditions in which they find themselves today.

Some may think this scenario is just a fantasy, but I assure you, this is exactly what will happen. The only alternatives are so improbable that they would be comparable to putting Hillary's 620,000 refugees on the moon or mars.

Hmmm ! I wonder?