Who Killed the children?

02/28/2018 10:02

by P. Wells

It would seem that many people still don't see the big picture as far as the left is concerned. The liberal left, George Soros' 'useful idiots' care nothing about the safety of children, they have been using them as pawns for years. The big joke by the liberal left? "How many kids do we have to kill before we can ban guns? their response? "As many as it takes".

For the left it is simply a matter of '’The end justifies the means?'' For the liberal left and their 'Useful Idiot' puppets, allowing the slaughter of children is of no concern as long as their progressive ideology is promoted. At the moment the progressives are running scared simply because they know if an actual solution is implemented to stop the school shootings they have lost their soap box.

If you think this is off base then ask yourself, "What kind of people would prohibit the guardians of our children the ability to protect them from murders?'' Show me one politician or rich progressive that would consider disarming their security for their own safety. Yet this is the security promoted by the left, a ‘Gun Free Zone sign’, That’s their answer. ‘’Disarmed for your protection’’

They understand armed security for them selves but not the children? Let that soak in, why suddenly do they so desperately grasp at straws? It's the NRA's fault, really? The NRA didn't stand out side and listen to the screams and gunfire, but if a solution is found this may be the last desperate act for the removal of the Second Amendment from the books. 

There is only one reason to allow the children to die in Joe Biden's 'Gun Free Zones' (https://thepoliticalinsider.com/joe-bid en-school-shooting/) and that would be because they are simply  pawns of the Progressive left.


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