Disturbing Video Shows Cops Shoot Suspect, Then Walk Up to His Hostage and Execute Her

Arizona Cop Heading to Trial for Killing Unarmed Man Claims it Would be “Unfair” to Show Jury Body Cam Footage of Shooting Death

Florida Deputy was in Uniform when he Shot Ex-Girlfriend  in B ack as she Walked Dog

The Florida deputy who shot his ex-girlfriend several times as she walked her dog then turned the gun on himself Thursday morning was wearing his department-issued uniform at the time of his botched murder-suicide attempt. MORE


Video shows Utah police fatally shooting man from behind as he fled

Police inUtah fatally shot a man from behind while he was running away from officers, according to newly released footage, which has sparked accusations of racial profiling and a “brutal execution”...MORE


US police killings undercounted by half, study using Guardian data finds

Harvard study finds over half of deaths wrongly classified, in latest example of databases greatly undercounting police killings