New Survey Finds Target's customer satisfaction Plunging

Draw Down Continues: Kellogg’s Laying Off Over 200 in Minnesota

Kellogg’s announced on Tuesday its decision to pull ads from conservative media giant because its 45 million monthly readers are not “aligned with our values as a company.”

Boycotting mainstream American ideas is an act of discrimination and intense prejudice. If you serve Kellogg’s products to your family, you are serving up bigotry at your breakfast table.




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Nations Capping Carbon Mocked as "Suckers" ...With Suckers

07/21/2017 11:28
by David Almasi   [A PR response to Carbon Capping back in 2009 still is applicable today - ED] Copenhagen, Denmark: Hundreds of candy suckers were distributed at the U.N. climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009 to mock nations that are imposing harsh limits on their carbon emissions at great economic cost for little or no environmental benefit. The group distributing them is the Washington, D.C.-based free market National Center for Public Policy Research. The suckers bear the caption "Sucker for CO2 Limits." "They say a sucker is born every minute, and looking around here, I'd have to say they're right," said David A. Ridenour, vice president of the National...

Ice Cream Sings!

07/20/2017 11:09
by Anonymous   "One day I had lunch with some old friends. Jim, a short, balding golfer type, about 85-years old, came along with them; all in all, it was a pleasant bunch.   When the menus were presented, my friends and I ordered salads, sandwiches, and soups, except for Jim who said, "A large piece of home-made apple pie, heated please. I wasn't sure my ears heard him right, and the others were aghast, when Jim continued, completely unabashed...."along with two large scoops of vanilla ice cream."   We tried to act quite nonchalant, as if people did this all the time, but when our orders were brought out, I didn't enjoy eating mine. I couldn't take my eyes off Jim as I...

Here are 24 Republicans who voted to have Uncle Sam pay for transgender surgeries & hormone therapy

07/19/2017 10:20
by Scott Morefield   If you thought a Republican-controlled government might at least rein in some of the excessive, insane, Obama-era social experimentation being imposed on the United States military, you’d be sadly mistaken.  Because on Thursday, the House of Representatives voted 214-209 to reject an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would have banned the Pentagon from paying for surgeries and hormone therapy for mentally disturbed individuals who are confused about what sex they are. The kicker? Twenty-four Republicans, including supposedly fiscally-conservative libertarian Justin Amash, made this travesty possible by bucking their party and...
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Dave Trabert on Wichita's Voice of Reason - KQAM 1480 / 102.5 FM



Voice of Reason - Wichita KQAM 1480 AM / 102.5 FM

Dave will be joining Voice of Reason host, Andy Hooser, on Wednesday, August 4, 2017 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am.


You can listen to Dave and Andy talk about a number of issues facing the state, including the biggest tax increase in KS history and other fallout from the 2017 Legislative


And, if you do not live in the Wichita area, that's OK! You can still catch this important interview by finding KQAM on the "Tune-In" Radio app.


You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity!