PA Election Recount Likely — Reports of Bizarre Voting Machine Behavior

03/16/2018 12:01
by Randy DeSoto   The Pennsylvania special election for congressional district 18 may be heading to a recount, with just hundreds of votes separating the Republican and Democrat candidates and irregularities alleged in Democrat heavy Allegheny County. As of Wednesday, 627 votes (0.2 percent) separate Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb, the New York Times reported. With hundreds of absentee ballots and an undetermined number of military and provisional ballots yet to be counted, the race is still too close to call.   Lamb claimed victory early Wednesday morning, while Saccone stated, “We are still fighting the fight. It is not over.” The...

Why America is Rotting From the Inside

03/15/2018 12:07
by Chris Campbell   “For decades,” David Hathaway, author of The EMP Hoax writes, “a gallon of gas was set at a nickel in Venezuela. “The real gas price was out there to be discovered by the market, if it had been allowed to do so.”  And, to this day, the Venezuelan central planners are still on the case.  Still trying to hunt down that mythical “Goldilocks” price. Except now, no price… food, gas, water, wind… will go unset.  In the meantime, of course, its citizens (who were dependent on the government managing such things) are, in a much more expedient fashion, hunting down dumpsters, animal shelters and cattle farms because the food supply...

Rutherford Institute Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Protect First Amendment Rights of FBI Whistleblower Fired for Exposing Agency Misconduct

03/14/2018 11:30
by Nisha Whitehead   WASHINGTON, DC —The Rutherford Institute has come to the defense of an FBI agent and military veteran who was fired for blowing the whistle on misconduct within the FBI. In an amicus curiae brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in John C. Parkinson v. Department of Justice, Rutherford Institute attorneys argue that Parkinson has a First Amendment right to speak out about agency misconduct within the FBI and retaliating against him for doing so deprives him of this constitutional right. The Rutherford Institute’s amicus brief in Parkinson v. Department of Justice is available at Attorneys Michael J. Lockerby, David A....
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Georgia MassR activist arrested and jailed for LEGALLY protesting in front of
State Capitol -- against LGBT agenda 

Men are going into women's restrooms after Georgia Governor vetoed protection bill. She's outraged and not backing down! Demanding government action. More

Marquitta R. Ford, an outstanding MassResistance activist, near her home in Atlanta.