The Military Industrial Complex Strikes Again: War Spending Will Bankrupt America

02/16/2018 11:19
by John W. Whitehead   “Why throw money at defense when everything is falling down around us? Do we need to spend more money on our military (about $600 billion this year) than the next seven countries combined? Do we need 1.4 million active military personnel and 850,000 reserves when the enemy at the moment — ISIS — numbers in the low tens of thousands? If so, it seems there's something radically wrong with our strategy. Should 55% of the federal government's discretionary spending go to the military and only 3% to transportation when the toll in American lives is far greater from failing infrastructure than from terrorism? Does California need nearly as...

Thoughts on Obama for April 15th - America's Tax day

02/15/2018 11:25
by Porter Stansbury   To our former President Barrack Hussein Obama, I say Welcome to the ash bin of history. With the past speeches you've given, you have firmly and permanently put yourself in the same garbage bag as all the other communists and socialists of the 20th century.  Your orations are all a faint echo of a speech Lenin gave in an icy square in Moscow 100 years ago. The promises you made, about the government giving people things they can't provide for themselves – a better income, reliable health care, an advanced education, cheaper mortgages, a "shiny, happy" life – have been made time and time again… sometimes by better speakers than...

Upcoming Memo May Show Former CIA Director Perjured Himself

02/14/2018 11:17
by V Saxena   House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes reportedly intends to release another memo soon regarding the fraudulent dossier used by the administration of former President Barack Obama to spy on current President Donald Trump’s campaign officials during the presidential election two years. According to Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations, Nunes’ next memo will outline the role “former CIA Director John Brennan and other Obama intelligence officials played in promoting the salacious and unverified Steele dossier on Donald Trump — including whether Brennan perjured himself in public testimony about it.” Sperry notes that in testimony...
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Gender identity issue steering culture in concerning direction

Walgreens 1The strange circumstances leading Walgreens to announce a new bathroom policy leaves some to believe we are moving down a "slippery slope."

Walgreens is now allowing people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they claim to identify. The nationwide policy took effect in November, and according to the Los Angeles Times, its adoption follows an incident last year in which a biological female – who is not transgender – was told she could not use the women's restroom because she looked like a man.